These are policies issued as guarantee for the performance of certain obligations under commercial contracts. We provide very unique policy wordings on various bonds such as Advance Payment Bond, Performance Bond, Bid Bond, Retention Bond, Custom Bond.

Performance Bond: This is a situation in which we guarantee the due performance and observance of the terms and condition of the contractors obligations or contract terms.

Advance Payment Bond: This bond is to guarantee that an amount laid over by the employer to assist the contractor mobilize materials and equipments to site will be justifiably utilized.

Tender/ Bid Bond: This bond guarantees the performance of the contractor after he has won a contract. The bond is issued to contractors participating in Tender process.

To enable us quote for the premium payable, the following information is required.

  1. The Principal
  2. Nature of the Contract
  3. Value of contract/Bond
  4. Duration of Bond
y insurance covers any of the property lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of theft or attempted theft involving entry to or exit from the insured premises by forcible and violent means.