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Hull Policy

This policy provides cover for the aircraft against accidental loss or damage from whatsoever cause while the aircraft is:

  1. In flight (commences from the time aircraft moves forward in taking off, attempting to take off, whilst in the air and until it completes the landing run).
  2. Taxying (Movement of aircraft under its own power) includes temporary halting of the aircraft.
  3. On the ground (when the aircraft is not in flight, taxying or moored).
  4. Moored (it includes the risk of launching and hauling).
  5. The policy also provides cover against.
  6. Disappearance of the aircraft if not sighted sixty days (60 days) after the commencement of the flight
  7. Reasonable emergency expenses necessarily incurred by the insured for the immediate safety of the aircraft consequent upon damage, forced landing including cost of removal to a place of safety even through no impact, damage may have resulted. This is limited to 10% of the insured value.

Third Party Liability

This section of the policy indemnifies the insured for all sums legally due to the third parties resulting from accidental injury to or death of persons or damage to property on the ground and outside the aircraft provided such an incident is caused directly by the aircraft or by objects falling therefrom.